Time for effectiveness to shine

We’re seeing and hearing more and more emphasis on data-led solutions, effectiveness and ROI when it comes to talent acquisition. Client leadership teams are becoming more demanding about the spending of their budgets and the tangible, proven returns.

This has always been a sweet spot for us, even if historically it has often felt like the boring side of the recruitment marketing space. Misperception or not, we have always focused and been judged on how we activate the employer brand to deliver ever increasing value for our clients’ investments.

And talking of judgment, it is why we entered the Recruitment Effectiveness category at the recent Firm Awards for our impressive seven-year (going on eight-year) relationship with Amazon Flex UK. Although we didn’t win, we were delighted and proud to have been shortlisted for what we have helped them achieve.

Whatever the recruitment needs and whatever the sector, it is not about spending less or more, but using your available budget in the most efficient and effective way possible. We’ll still raise awareness of your employer brand, we’ll still carefully market your live vacancies, and we’ll still get some great creative messaging in front of the right audiences.

But what you’ll also receive are better quality candidates and over time, increased conversions at each stage, including reduced time and cost to hire. Our methodology even supports increasing applications from hard to hire and diverse candidates. Your data will be presented in a simple format – backed up with our forensic insight – that is easy to understand and share with stakeholders and leaders.

Boring? Maybe not.

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