Volume recruitment requirements – measure, analyse, optimise, repeat

Interesting article about planning and executing volume recruitment strategies. It covers all
bases from strategy planning to execution, from attraction through to onboarding.

Some key pointers here we wholeheartedly agree with, namely the technology integration,
the accurate identification of your target audiences, the fair and objective selection process,
and the continuous engagement process for candidates throughout their journey.

But not enough in here about the data in our opinion. For us it’s not all about the data, but
data does play a major part in determining the success and continued improvement of any
volume hiring campaign.

Having recruited nearly 500,000 delivery partners for Amazon Flex UK over the past seven
years, the data – and the human interpretation of it – has been at the heart of the
improvements we have made in audience reach and engagement, conversions at every
stage, cost per hire and time to hire.

Volume recruitment will always need to reach out to big numbers at the top of the funnel. But
constantly measuring and reviewing the data at each stage, recommending changes to
audiences, messaging and channels will help to increase conversions, make the funnel
steep sided and deliver the optimal outcomes at the bottom, where it really matters.

Here’s a great article on High Volume Recruiting: The Recruiter’s Guide

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