Successful recruitment and retention are not isolated actions. At We Optimise, we recognise that aligning and optimizing a wide range of moving parts is essential for successful talent attraction. Our data-led approach to recruitment marketing also extends to other elements of the process, helping employers eliminate uncertainty from their recruitment strategy.

How we do it:

Employer brand

It all starts with your employer brand. There are many surveys pointing to the advantages to be gained from developing and managing an authentic and consistent employer brand. These range from greater awareness of you as a potential employer, being able to reach deeper into the passive candidate market, raising application levels and conversion at each stage, and creating real advocacy in the hires you make.

Market and candidate research

This helps you to better define where your employment proposition sits in the market, the competitiveness of your salary and benefits and where to reach the talent you need. This in turn helps you optimise the effectiveness of your talent acquisition budget.

Strategy, media planning, campaign activation & management

We know the most effective channels to achieve hiring objectives and we know how to make the most of your available budget. Ad hoc media placements, job board contracts, social media marketing, digital performance media such as Google, programmatic advertising or print and above the line options; we can manage this for you. We know where your audience is and we create and implement compelling content while monitoring and optimising results. We use simple data dashboards to make reporting to your stakeholders easy by regularly highlighting key trends, optimisations made and results.

The candidate journey and experience

Absolutely vital to get right. An easy and intuitive application process, plenty of employment-related content on your website and social media to paint the full picture, a speedy yet objective assessment and selection process that keeps the candidate informed and engaged at each stage. All these factors mitigate drop-out of good applicants.

Hiring and onboarding

Now we’re at the sharp end of the process. Getting earlier aspects right means the offer to acceptance ratio should be high, but after that, the onboarding process needs to provide regular touch points for your candidate throughout their notice period, ensuring they arrive prepared and engaged.


This is important and needs to be comprehensive, properly tailored to each individual, and ensuring consistency with the employer brand you used to attract and engage them at the beginning of the process. This ensures the employee fits in quicker, becomes operational faster and ultimately can help lower early days attrition.