Seven years of delivering increased value for Amazon

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Delivery Partners hired
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How we have partnered with Amazon to cost-effectively deliver phenomenal numbers of hires for the launch of their Flex programme across the UK

The challenge

Amazon launched their new Flex programme back in 2016 as a way of fulfilling the ever-increasing customer demand for the fastest possible online purchase deliveries.

The aim was to harness their own customer loyalty and tap into the gig economy to provide freelance self-employed opportunities for Delivery Partners. These individuals would enjoy great flexibility and intuitive technical support when delivering to customers’ homes.

Their challenge was how to identify, engage with and hire these people, and in considerable numbers, right across the country. The original need was for 20,000 Delivery Partners across 40 locations, which would rise significantly once this number had been achieved.

The solution

We Optimise were retained to clarify this challenge and start to research and scope out the solution. Targeting just active job seekers wasn’t going to be enough; we needed to target a passive audience as well, and with a sufficiently compelling message to provoke the right response.

Job board, social media and programmatic display advertising campaigns were launched, allowing us to target the specific digital footprints that would reach our intended audiences. Data points covering the whole candidate journey were measured and forensically interpreted each day, allowing us to adjust the approach and budget according to local demands, conversions and successful hires.

The supporting messaging went through a similarly rigorous process. A suite of strong imagery and copy was produced, regularly reviewed, updated and adjusted to optimise conversion numbers.

The results

Our initial target of 20,000 hires was reached quickly, allowing Amazon to validate this new method of customer deliveries and then roll out the formula across the whole country, increasing the hiring targets significantly due to the success.

We continued our successful data-led results and human interpretation for the new targets and locations, whilst quickly seeking ways to optimise the candidate journey further, increase conversions at every possible stage and increase returns on Amazon’s budgets.

Over the seven-year period we were able to:

  • Deliver over 1.8 million applications which converted into over 400,000 hires
  • Improve the impression to application ration by four times through more accurate targeting and improved messaging
  • Raise the application to hire percentage from 16% in 2019 to over 58% in 2023

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