Successful launch of the Flex employment product into a new market

Applications generated over two years
of Sedan Delivery Driver target achieved
reduction in the cost per application year on year

How we successfully adapted the Flex proposition into a vastly different retail and recruitment market

The challenge

Amazon were looking to expand their successful Flex programme into Singapore in 2021, to create a large pool of sedan and van Delivery Drivers. The local market was challenging as licence regulations and van ownership in Singapore isn’t a very straight forward process. This made the available talent pool even more complex.

High numbers of Delivery Drivers were required as this is a strong market for Amazon and the challenge was compounded with the available Driver benefits not being overly competitive, so once the campaign commenced there was a high level of attrition.

The solution

We Optimise took learnings from successful campaigns in UK, Germany, Japan and Australia, researched the target audience and motivations, developing a proposition that showed a simple process to sign up via the Flex App, and the benefit of immediate payment for work undertaken.

The local workforce is ‘always on’ and responds well to bold, creative and impactful designs, so we adapted the advertising assets and messaging accordingly and moved away from safer Amazon corporate designs.

Advertising channels in Singapore are well known and effective, and we used a combination of local routes to market plus well-known ones such as Google Search,, Indeed and social channels. Throughout the campaign we continuously monitored each channel’s effectiveness, turning off those that weren’t performing. We also ensured that brand awareness was monitored and a range of Out of Home channels were used including leaflets, posters, radio and Spotify.

The results

We went live from Q2 of 2021 onwards and are still working with Flex Singapore today.

This three-year period has seen over 223,000,000 impressions, which led to over 4,000,000 clicks to apply. Brand awareness increased to the point where the Sedan Driver pool was 100% full meaning advertising could focus on the harder to attract Van Drivers. With competition for Drivers increasing all the time as new companies launch in Singapore, we have supported Amazon in achieving their targets both in terms of recruitment costs and Driver onboarding.

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